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Adams County Treasurer

Adams County Treasurer

About Us

Christine (Crissy) Redding, The Treasurer is an Elected County Office. Elected By the Residents of Adams County. As The Treasurer I Respectfully and Honorably Represent All Residents of the County With Accountability And Efficiency. Remaining Mindful To The Oath & Responsibility of the Position

“The County Code” (Established by Act – August 9, 1955) Determines the Requirements and Functions/Duties of the Office Which Include: 

  • Being Responsible for Receiving and Depositing All Monies Due and Payable to the County 
  • Releasing And Disbursing All Expenditures on the Treasury 
  • Being Fiscally Prudent in Maintaining Cash Management Through Short to Intermediate Term Investments

A Primary Agent On Behalf Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania for the Sales of Licenses/Permits:

  • Dog Licenses
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Sportsman Firearm Permit
  • Bingo Licenses
  • Small Games of Chance
  • Special Raffle Permits

Our Office Works Very Closely with the 34 Township/Borough tax Collectors With-In the County on Current Year County/Municipal Real Estate and Per-Capita Taxes. 

Contact Us

Office Hours:
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday

"The Treasurer’s Office Is Committed to Delivering Dignified and Respectful Service with the Highest Standard of Integrity in the Most Professional of Conduct".


Small Games of Chance

The licensing authorities for club licensees and eligible organizations are the county treasurers in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

Adams County Tax Collector List and Contact Information

A listing of Adams County's tax collector's for our 34 townships and boroughs. Municipal tax collectors collect taxes for the current year.

Sportsman's Firearms

An individual who is age 18 or older and is licensed to hunt, trap or fish, or who has been issued a permit relating to hunting dogs, may apply for a Sportsman's Firearm Permit by submitting a completed application along with the required fee to the county treasurer's office.

Tax Collection

The Adams County Treasurer's Office is collecting County, Municipal and School Taxes for certain jurisdictions. For your convenience, payments can be mailed, dropped off at our drop box located in front of the Courthouse or can be paid online.

Hotel Rental Tax

An ordinance of the County of Adams, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Enacting, Establishing, Levying and Setting a Hotel Rental Tax required for the specific purpose of the County Government, Hereinafter set forth

Frequently Asked Questions

Treasurers Office frequently asked questions