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Adams County Department of Security

Adams County Department of Security

About Us

The County of Adams is a unitary governmental entity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The County acts as an agent for the Commonwealth on various functions as specified by Pennsylvania State law. These functions include the delivery of numerous human services and the administrative oversight of various health and public safety programs and the maintenance of various County bridges. In addition to these functions, the County of Adams is responsible for maintaining the Court of Common Pleas, the Minor Judiciary System, and specific offices charged with keeping records of legal and judicial proceedings.  The services of the County Commissioners began with the maintenance of the local judicial system and the local prison.

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Office Hours:
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

Call the Security Department during normal business hours at (717) 334-6781 extension #312
Leave unnecessary items at home or locked in your car. The average time to process through security is about two minutes.
Let the security officer at the checkpoint know. If the item is legal to possess, the officer will secure the item until you depart the facility.
There is metered parking on Baltimore, Middle, and High Streets. A small municipal lot is located at 34 East Middle Street and there is a parking garage located on Race Horse Alley which is two blocks north of the Courthouse.