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Office of the Adams County Controller

Office of the Adams County Controller

About Us

The Office of the County Controller is the County’s bookkeeper and auditor and supervises the fiscal affairs of the County, subject to the power and duty of the Commissioners to run County government.

The Controller:

  • Keeps the County’s financial books.
  • Scrutinizes and approves the payment of all bills and claims and may refuse to make any payment that is not properly authorized or appears fraudulent or an abuse of public office.
  • Audits, adjusts and settles the accounts of elected officials, including magisterial district justices and tax collectors, and other county offices that collect, receive, hold, or disburse public monies. 
  • Maintains custody of contracts and original fiscal documents of the County. 
  • Publishes an annual financial report for taxpayers and provides financial data upon demand; and
  • Serves on the Salary, Prison, and Retirement Boards.

Importantly, the Controller is responsible to the taxpayers to investigate any allegations of fraud or misuse of County funds or resources.  Concerns regarding theft or misuse of funds, falsification of invoices, mismanagement, violation of procurement policies or other suspected misdeeds should be reported directly to the Controller.

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Office Hours:
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday


Tammy Myers Adams County Controller

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Fraud Hotline

You can help find and prevent fraud and fiscal waste.
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