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Magisterial District Judges

Magisterial District Judges

About Us

Adams County maintains four district courts located throughout the county. An elected Magisterial District Judge presides over each of the individual district courts. The district courts serve as the initial tier of Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System.  Our District Courts maintain jurisdiction over criminal preliminary arraignments and preliminary hearings; summary criminal offenses; traffic offenses; municipal code violations; landlord/tenant suits; and civil claims where damages do not exceed $12,000.

This website provides litigants/defendants with commonly requested information, form, and directions.

We are committed to promoting the rule of law and preserving justice for all. We will heighten the value of the court institution for community members and court employees alike. We will serve the people through enlightened and proactive leadership, enhancing the quality of life within court offices, and delivering dignified, respectful, and efficient service to all members of the community. We will strive to identify and develop future generations of highly skilled and creative public servants who can preserve the court's best traditions, while ably meeting the challenges arising from rapid social change.  As members of an institution vital to civilization, our mission is to deliver dignified, respectful, and efficient service to the community and to our peers, promoting the rule of law and preserving justice for the benefit of all.

(DISCLAIMER: District Court e-mail addresses shall not be used to inform the District Court of being late for or missing a scheduled hearing or payment-you must call and speak to a representative of the District Court regarding these matters)