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Adams County Court Administration

Adams County Court Administration

About Us

To assist the Court to focus on the service of all matters brought to the Court, we will serve as partners with the Court in the administration of the business of managing and operating a worthy judicial enterprise. We will provide guidance for the improvement of the case flow process, with careful application of professional standards and an eye towards procedures that lead to improved efficiencies. We will foster the sense of collegiality between all Court employees and apply sound human resource management principles with all Court employees in order to ensure a shared responsibility to the Courts’ Vision and Mission. We will be fair stewards of fiscal resources during times of prosperity and difficulty. We will earn the respect of those interacting with the Court by treating all persons fairly and honorably, as a reflection of the solemn work performed by our Court every day. We will constantly review and create meaningful changes by compiling and analyzing data and trends that will both impact the present and provide guidance towards the future.  Our mission is to serve the Court and the State Court Administrator by fulfilling the statutory duties and responsibilities to provide for efficient operations of all Court Offices.

Court Administrator duties are as follows: Implementation of policies set by the State Court Administrator. Assistance to the State Court Administrator in setting statewide policies. Preparation, submission and management of the budget for the courts. Recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating and monitoring personnel of the courts. Management of space, equipment and facilities of the courts. Dissemination of information concerning, or of interest to, the courts. Procurement of supplies and services for the courts. Custody and disbursement of funds for the courts. Preparation of reports concerning the courts. Jury management. Study and improvement of case flow, time standards, and calendaring. Research and development of effective methods of court functioning, including in districts where feasible the mechanization and computerization of court operations. Preparation and administration of trial calendars for all civil and criminal cases, including daily trial lists. Responsibility for the assignment, listing and disposition of all arbitration matters. General supervision of the  minor judiciary system of the Judicial District.

Adams County 51st Judicial District

Contact Us

Adams County
Court Administration

Adams County Courthouse
117 Baltimore Street, 4th Floor
Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-8817 (Fax)

Office Hours:
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday

Court Administration Staff

Donald Fennimore
District Court Administrator

Donna Cassatt
Deputy District Court Administrator

Laura Rowland
Deputy District Court Administrator

Roy A. Keefer
Chief Tipstaff

Corrie Ondrizek 
Chief Court Reporter

Court Services

Interpreter Services

The Judiciary has a responsibility to ensure those with limited English proficiency (LEP) and those who are deaf or hard of hearing are not at a disadvantage to fully exercise their right to due process under the law. Pennsylvania courts provide interpreters for all court hearings and proceedings, as well as for certain court-administered or managed services, programs and activities.

Court Reporters/Transcript

The Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration (Rule 4001 et seq.) provide the rules for which Court Reporters function within our unified court system. 

Transcripts: In order to come into compliance with State and Local Rules, the manner in which transcripts are requested was changed beginning March 20, 2017. 

Juror Services

Of the many benefits that come with being a citizen of the United States, there is one benefit that serves as the lynchpin of our judicial system and, indeed, within the heart of our democracy. The benefit is jury duty. Jury duty symbolizes all that is great about our country; a reminder that our fate as a democracy relies on the perceptions of our citizens. 

Courts' Self-Help Center

The Court, in conjunction with the Adams County Bar Association and its committees, has provided the following materials to help individuals represent themselves, pro se, in some legal proceedings. Pro se is a Latin term meaning to represent yourself in a court proceeding without the assistance of an attorney. The information in these materials is not a substitute for professional legal advice.