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Protection From Abuse

Protection From Abuse

Violation of Protection Orders: 

If a violation occurs, an officer can arrest the abuser even if he/she does not witness the abuse. When an abuser is arrested, all of his/her firearms can be seized by the police or sheriff department.

An offender can be charged with “Indirect Criminal Contempt of a Protection Order” for the violation, potentially resulting in a fine, probation, and/or up to six months incarceration. Additional criminal charges may also be filed.

If a violation occurs, contact the local police to make a report, and call the Victim Witness Assistance Program at (717) 337-9844 to report it to the District Attorney’s office.

If the abuser violates support provisions of the order, such as child or spousal support, contact the local domestic relations office at (717) 337-9804.

The following offices can provide assistance and/or information:

Safe Home (YWCA of Hanover)

Mid Penn Legal Services

Victim Witness Assistance Program