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Recording Requirements

Recording Requirements

  • Please provide a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope for the reurn of your recorded documents or please make arrangements to promptly retrieve your documents.
  • CASH, CHECK OR MONEY ORDERpayable to "Recorder of Deeds" is required.  Any overages up to $10.00 will not be returned.  See Fee Schedule for recording fees.
  • NOTE: If your check is over the recording fee amount, we will keep up to $10.00 of the overage. If your check is more than $10.00 over the recording fee, we will not be able to record your documents. The documents will be returned to you and a new check will need to be issued.
  • Documents must pertain to real estate and have ORIGINAL SIGNATURES that are PROPERLY NOTARIZED.
  • UPI:  Adams County DOES NOT use the UPI (Uniform Parcel Identifier System). 
  • No parcel identification numbers or the physical address of the property are required for documents being submitted for recording.
  • DATE OF DOCUMENT must be the 'same or before' the date of the notary acknowledgement.  (Notary acknowledgements cannot pre-date the date of document.).
  • Paper Size: We accept documents for recording on both legal (8"x14") and letter (8"x11") size paper.
  • Margins: No margin requirements for any documents submitted for recording. 
  • The Certificate of Residence must be referenced and signed on deeds, mortgages and assignment of mortgages.

Recording Documents

Recording Resources

Realty Transfer Taxes

Must be paid by check. (No cash is accepted for RTT.) 

We require 3 checks (2 checks for transfer taxes and 1 check for recording fee) for a deed transfer, easement and lease with Reality Transfer Taxes being paid.


All Subdivision Plans submitted for recording must be paper and be 18"x24". Also, the Subdivision Plan must be signed by the Township Supervisors or Borough Council and by the Adams County Planning Commission. NOTE: Subdivision Plan must be recorded within 90 days of the approval (date of the signature of Supervisors/Council of the Township/Borough).


Require a Statement of Velue (unless they are a public utility).  See www.revenue.pa.gov for a fillable form and instructions. Call PA Revenue with any questions you may have pertaining to a Statement of Value. 

Assignments of Mortgage

Reference documents must have the Book and Page of original mortgage. 

Common Level Ratio

Use factor for the current year your document is dated. Click here for Common Level Ratio 

Statement of Value

Is required by the State anytime you are not paying or paying a portion of realty transfer taxes, and the form must be filled out completely.

Municipality (Township or Borough)

Should be clearly stated and must be referenced on recorded documents.  Multiple municipalities must state the percentages of divisions for local realty transfer taxes. The form for TAXES BETWEEN TWO MUNCIPALITIES MUST BE COMPLETED. Taxes Between Two Municipalities

Notary Information

The day you come to be sworn in as Notary, please bring your completed Bond and Power of Attorney; otherwise, we will be unable to process your paperwork. NOTE: There is a filing fee of $33.50 to file your paperwork. After being sworn in as Notary in our office you will need to immediately go to the Prothonotary's Office to complete the process of becoming a Nota

All sections must be complete with Notary commission listing Venue (State and County), Current Expiration Date and Notary stamp MUST be legible; or be subject to rejection.

RON (REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION) Is acceptable ONLY DURING A DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY. Pennsylvania law requires notarial acts to be performed in the physical presence of the notary officer. This means that under normal circumstances, a Recorder's Office is not authorized to accept documents notarized by remote online notarization (RON).  However, in the current emergency, the Pennsylvania Department of State issued a notice dated 03/25/2020, to implement RON on a temporary basis and for certain transactions.  Notaries must execute all notarial acts (including acknowledgements) in accordance with all other requirements of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts and comply with the safeguards contemplated by the ULC and the recent RON legislation regarding identify verification, the use of secure technology and an audio-video recording of the notarial act.  A document notarized per RON must reference in the notary certificate that the "Notarial act involved the use of communication technology".