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Department of Emergency Services Document Center

Department of Emergency Services Document Center

911 Communications

Fire Departments: New or Out of Service Unit:

Law Enforcement Officers:

Do you need Special Care or Assistance during an Emergency?

Do you know your Emergency Sirens? 

To help us ensure a better and faster response to various types of emergency situations, we need to make sure the resource files for each municipality are accurate

Special Announcements are read on air at 0900 and 1800 hours only.  The Special Announcements need to be forwarded to the Emergency Services Office for approval. 

Adams County Department of Emergency Services Policy and Request Form for Records and Recording

Request for Training Facility

Emergency Planning

Special Event - Plan Guide

Emergency Action Plan


Hazardous Materials

Environmental Protection Agency
EPA responds to oil spills, chemical, biological, radiological releases, and large-scale national emergencies. EPA also provides additional response assistance when state and local first responder capabilities have been exhausted or when additional support is requested.