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Adams County Tax Mapping

Adams County Tax Mapping

Responsibilities are updating and maintenance of tax parcel maps, parcel editing using the latest aerial photography, subdivision plans, deeds, industry standard software.  The parcel information provided is not to be engineering grade accuracy but to look as visually accurate as possible. We encourage people to review their property on the link at the bottom of this page or visit our office. 

If you have questions about your property, we can quickly review the property and make any necessary changes. We can also provide you with a small color map of your property. 

The Mapping Office is also responsible for assigning street addresses in 31 municipalities. Abbottstown, Carroll Valley and Gettysburg do their own addressing. If you require an address for your property, please provide us with a site plan or other information showing driveway access and all structures on the property. 

Due to the importance of 911 addressing, an address will not be assigned to large pieces of vacant land unless it is known where the access or structure will be located. Developers who are requesting addresses for large multi-lot developments will need to submit copies of plans showing the layout of each lot.

Contact Us:

Rick Hise
Phone: 717-337-9837 ext. 1383

Tina Brewer
Phone: 717-337-9837 ext. 1386

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