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Adams County Clean and Green Program

Adams County Clean and Green Program

Subdivision of a property in Clean and Green is allowed under VERY specific circumstances, and should be researched carefully prior to any subdivision action and division of the land by deed.  When a property owner enrolls under Clean and Green, they promise to use the land for one of the allowable uses and not develop the land, in exchange for a reduced assessment.  If they violate the rules of the program by changing the use of their property to one that is unaccepted by the program or split off more land than allowed by the program, they are responsible for roll-back taxes, which includes 6% interest penalty.  This tax is calculated based on the length of time the property received the preferential tax assessment, not to exceed seven years.  Applications are available in the Assessment Department. 

The Assessment Department is charged with the responsibility of administering the Clean and Green Program in the County.  The Clean and Green Program is a preferential assessment program governed by State Law, requiring that properties enrolled in the program receive a land assessment based on land use values, not the market value of the land.

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A property owner may enroll and qualify for Clean and Green under one or more of the following uses:

Agricultural Use: Land which is used for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity, such land was devoted to agricultural use the preceding three years and is not less than ten contiguous acres in area or has an anticipated yearly gross income of at least $2000 or when devoted to and meets the requirements and qualifications for payments or other compensation pursuant to a soil conservation program under an agreement with an agency of the Federal Government.

Agricultural Reserve: Noncommercial open space lands used for outdoor recreation or the enjoyment of scenic or natural beauty and open to the public for such use, without charge or fee, on a nondiscriminatory basis and such land is not less than ten contiguous acres.

Forest Reserve: Land, ten acres or more, stocked by forest trees of any size and capable of producing timber or other wood products.

Clean and Green Facts: To apply for Clean and Green, you must contact the Adams County Tax Services Department, located in the County Courthouse, Room 202, 717-337-9837.  The annual application cycle deadline is June 1st, effective for the following January 1st taxes. The landowner will realize a reduction in their real estate taxes.