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Sheriff's Vision, Mission, Values

Sheriff's Vision, Mission, Values


Our vision is to become the most professional law enforcement agency in the County and our region. To make this vision a reality:

  • We will become well known for our high professionalism, our competence, and the dependability of our word—and through these we will gain and establish the public’s trust.
  • We will consistently demonstrate exemplary performance of duty to serve and protect the Court and the citizens of Adams County, and to assist our peers in the law enforcement community to maintain order in our community.
  • We will become known as reliable members of the community, as enthusiastic participants in its activities, and as visible forces for good within it.
  • Each of us will become a knowledgeable and skilled ambassador for the Sheriff’s Office and an educator-through-action for the public.
  • Through our actions and our integrity, we will become known as models of diligent, steadfast, and thoughtful public service.
  • We will carry ourselves with dignity and be proud to show our passion for exceeding expectations, doing things well, and making the work of others easier.
  • We will always learn something valuable from our mistakes, and never miss an opportunity to help create a positive heritage for the people we serve.


The mission of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is to provide first-class professional, dignified, and courteous service to the Adams County Court, the citizens of the County, its agencies, and all law enforcement agencies with whom we partner to maintain order in our community. 

We will serve with integrity and distinction, whether providing security for court proceedings, serving warrants and papers, conducting prisoner transport, or fulfilling any other duties required under law and statute.

As we undertake our Mission, we shall keep in mind at all time the Vision and Core Values of this organization.


We subscribe to three (3) core values which guide our actions and our conduct:

  • Duty
  • Service
  • Integrity

Our duty is to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the statutes of the state. We have a duty to uphold the trust of the public we serve, a duty towards each other, to the Office of the Sheriff of Adams County, and to ourselves.

We are mindful that we are a service organization, funded by the public, and guided by the notion that community partnerships are the best way to establish trust between public law enforcement agencies and the citizens they serve. As service providers, we have a duty to serve each other with diligence, dignity, and respect so that we can all do our best to serve those outside our office.

We understand that integrity is the currency of all our transactions, the stock in trade and basis of our worth as an office. Without integrity, there can be no trust from the people we serve.

To show that these values are fundamental to our performance as a team:

  • We will always be true to our word, keep all our promises, and take every step that quality follow-through requires.
  • We will take every opportunity to convey our mutual support for each other and what we stand for.
  • We will earn the respect that others have for us through service, hard work, and proven commitment to our own growth and self-improvement.
  • We will act with dignity, respect, and self-possession—because what each one does reflects upon us all.