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Sheriff Sale - Post Sale Instructions

Sheriff Sale - Post Sale Instructions

What’s next…after buying a Sheriff’s Sale property as a third-party bidder?

Necessary Steps to take:

  • Follow all post sale instructions required by Bid4Assets. 
  • Pay remainder of purchase price within 20 days of the Sheriff Sale to Bid4Assets. 
  • Provide your deeding/vesting instructions to Bid4Assets. 
  • Complete, sign and date two (2) Pennsylvania Department of Revenue “Realty Transfer TaxStatement of Value” forms. 
  • Mail these two forms along with two (2) self-address stamped envelopes to:
    Adams County Sheriff’s Office
    Attn: Real Estate 117 Baltimore Street,
    Room 4
    Gettysburg, PA 17325

SCHEDULE “A” DISTRIBUTION = A Distribution of Funds

Approximately 30 days after the sale the Adams County Sheriff’s Office will prepare a Schedule “A” Distribution. Our office will then forward a copy to your email. 

The Schedule “A” Distribution directs us how the money you paid for the property will be disbursed. We follow the PA Rules of Civil Procedure when determining these payments, which are made in priority order. 

The Schedule “A” Distribution is available for 10 days at the Sheriffs Office and is made part of the case history in the Prothonotary’s Office. Unless exceptions are filed on or before the 10th day, distribution will be made in accordance with the proposed schedule. 

Facts to remember:

  • The Sheriff’s Office does not have keys to the property. 
  • You may be responsible for additional liens. 
  • Each purchase is unique so situations and issues will vary from case to case. 
  • Seek legal advice for all matters related to the eviction process. 
  • The Sheriff’s Deed is the last step in the distribution process. Once the deed is recorded, it will be mailed to you, approximately 45 days after the sale. Your self-addressed stamped envelope is required.

This document is provided by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office as an information tool. Its contents should not be interpreted as legal advice. All interested parties are advised to retain independent legal counsel.