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Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

Services and Fees 

License to Carry Concealed $20.00 

License to Sell Firearms $57.00 

License to Sell Precious Metals $50.00
checks made payable to Treasurer of Adams County 

Civil Writs, Complaints, Summons, ETC. $150.00
If more than three defendants $300.00 

Deputization Fee for Out of County - $150.00

Writ of Possession $200.00 

Personal Property Execution $200.00 

Garnishment $200.00 

Real Estate Execution $2,000.00 

We do not deputize or serve out of state. 

Payment is required upfront upon receipt of service.

Checks can be made payable to Sheriff of Adams County. Fees for Civil Process are advanced fees.
Refunds will be dispersed for any unused portions. Fees for licenses will be collected at time of issuance