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Recording Information

Recording Information

Estate Probate Options:

  • Pre-schedule appointments are preferred. However, is not required, walk-ins are accepted.
  • Attorney offices may still schedule a virtual probate by contacting us.  

Listed below:

To schedule an appointment OR Attorney-represented Virtual Probate, please call:  717.337.9826,

or Email: 

Pro Se Probates must be done in person.

We strongly suggest that an Executor/Administrator see an attorney before beginning the Probate Legal process. An attorney is specialized to help with the many responsibilities required of an Estate Administrator.

Options for counter-work and acceptance of documents:

(Such as Estate and Revenues Documents, PA inheritance tax payments, etc...)

  • Scheduled appointment for Counterwork is preferred. However, is not required and walk-ins are accepted.
  • Drop-Off Secure Box is available outside the courthouse entrance door (under the roof area) to save time of coming inside the building during work-day hours.  We check the locked box throughout the day. 
  • Mail-Ins: (FED-EX, UPS, USPS)

Reminder: Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of time-stamped copies and/or receipt.

Effective September 1, 2016, Pursuant to the newly revised Orphans' Court Rules, as of today, only the standardized forms provided by the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania will be accepted. This is in regard to Rule 10.5 and Rule 10.6.

Public Terminal Search:

(Title Searchers, Attorneys & Staff and Public):

Public Searching IS Available on Public Terminals Located in The Courthouse Lobby.  A Copier is Available for Copying and Can Be Accessed with a Copy Button Obtained from The Register & Recorder Office OR Prothonotary Office.  There is No Public Terminal Availability Within the Register & Recorder Office.

You will be able to have access to Register & Recorder records, Prothonotary Civil records, and Tax Services records on the Public terminals. 

 If you have any questions call 717.337.9826