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Recording Information

Recording Information

Recording Options

  • Pre-schedule appointments are preferred. However, is not required. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 717-337-9826 or email registerrecorder@adamscountypa.gov  
  •  Outside secure drop-off box during working hours located under the roofed area entrance doors.      
  • Mail-ins (FED-Ex, UPS, and USPS) MAIL-INS

Please use binder clips, paper clips or envelopes to keep work in order that you want recorded.

Reminder:  Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your original documents. Documents will be mailed out approximately two weeks from the recorded date. 

Public Terminal Searching:

(Title Searchers, Attorneys & Staff and The Public):

  • Public Searching Is Available on Public Terminals Located in The Courthouse Lobby.   A Copier Is Available for Copying and Can Be Accessed with A Copy Button Obtained from The Register & Recorder Office OR Prothonotary Office.  There Is No Public Terminal Availability Within the Register & Recorder Office.
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHING - Our Office Prohibits the Taking of Any Photos by Camera or Cellphone of Any Images in Books, On the Computer or on Microfilm. 
  • Public Terminals Offer Access To:   Register & Recorder Records, Prothonotary Records, And Tax Services Records.

If you have any questions call 717-337-9826

Notice Regarding JCS Fee Increase:

On November 30, 2017, Act 40 and 44 of 2017 (signed by Governor Tom Wolf) increased the Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal Justice Enhancement Account (JCS/ATJ/CJEA) state surcharge from $35.50 to $40.25.  This is an increase of $4.75.   Even though the Recorder of Deeds Office is not a court-related office, this legislation impacted recording fees on certain documents that the JCS state fee is collected.  The updated Fee Schedule is posted on the county website under “Recorder of Deeds”.