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Rt 94 Cross Keys Corridor Improvement Study

Rt 94 Cross Keys Corridor Improvement Study

ACTPO (Adams County Transportation Planning Organization) is in the process of developing a study of the Route 94 Corridor in the Cross Keys area, in coordination with municipal officials and PennDOT. ACTPO’s overall goal for this study is to identify short-term and long-term roadway improvements, intersection improvements, traffic signal and traffic flow improvements, safety improvements, areas for future right-of-way preservation, and determination of number of lanes, and other design criteria on a corridor-wide and intersection specific level.  A prioritized list of recommendations through the study area along with broad, high-level cost estimates for all recommendations is also envisioned.  

The primary goals of this study are:

  1. Improve the overall road network and connectivity.
  2. Improve safety and reduce accidents.
  3. Improve access for freight movements.


Andrew Merkel
Assistant Director

Adams County Office of Planning & Development
Phone: 717-337-9824 


Public Input Wanted!

The Adams County Transportation Planning Organization (ACTPO) in partnership with PennDOT and local municipalities, has launched an online survey to gather public comment as it advances its work on a study of the PA 94 corridor. The study area includes State Route 94 between Dicks Dam Road and Hanover Street. It also includes a portion of US Route 30 between Lincoln Street and Stanley Drive.

ACTPO initiated the traffic and transportation study in response to concerns expressed by officials from Berwick, Hamilton, and Oxford Townships, citing safety concerns and potential impacts of future development. The study will establish a framework for improving traffic operations and safety for all modes, as well as addressing land use and economic development impacts. An action plan will include recommendations that may include further planning efforts at the regional and local level, coordination with stakeholders, and operational or physical improvements.

“Hearing directly from the public on their transportation concerns along PA 94 will give us a clear understanding of areas along the corridor in need of further evaluation or improvement,” said Andrew Merkel, Assistant Director at the Adams County Office of Planning and Development. “The feedback we gather from the survey will inform the next phases of the study process. By working together to define these areas of need, we can begin defining short- and long-term strategies that the community is supportive of that will ultimately enhance safety and mobility for all who use the corridor.”

The study process is being guided by a steering committee consisting of representatives from area municipalities, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). ACTPO officials anticipate having a final study report completed by June 2024.

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Extent of the Study Area

Public Survey

Thank you for participating, the response was fantastic! The survey and interactive comment map are now closed. 

The Consultant will analyze the results. The feedback received will be incorporated into draft recommendations for the Study Area.