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Department of Emergency Services Policies and Forms

Department of Emergency Services Policies and Forms

Special Assistance Form

Citizens of Adams County, Do you need Special Care or Assistance during an Emergency?

We will compile a list of all Disabled persons located in Adams County who need special assistance when an Emergency Arises, such as Fire, Evacuation, etc.  This information is added to the E-911 System, so when we receive a call for help, the system will automatically identify your disability and the type of assistance you might need.

If a family member or yourself has a physical disability, of any kind, please complete the form below and return it to the Adams County Department of Emergency Services, 230 Greenamyer Lane, Gettysburg, Pa  17325.

This is an important step in the health and safety of our Citizens in Adams County.

Emergency Sirens

Adams County Residents - Do you know your Emergency Sirens?  Click on the attachment below to see the diagrams and information explaining the two (2) types of sirens that we currently use and the ones you may hear in Adams County.  These sirens are tested on a rotation schedule at noon on the first Saturday of the month.

Data Records and Recordings

Special Announcements

Special Announcements are read on air at 0900 and 1800 hours only.  The Special Announcements need to be forwarded to the Emergency Services Office for approval.

Municipalities Emergency Call List Form

To help us ensure a better and faster response to various types of emergency situation, we need to make sure the resource files for each municipality are accurate.  Please complete this form below and make sure each category is marked according to the preferred calling order number.