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Department of Emergency Services Hazardous Materials

Department of Emergency Services Hazardous Materials

Image of the word Caution Hazardous Material

The Hazardous Materials Division of the Department of Emergency Services is dedicated to protecting our communities. We are constantly taking training and certifications to understand what hazards our communities deal with. We write all of the off site emergency plans for the SARA Title III facilities. We assist the Municipalities, Dam Owners, Daycare Centers and Special Event planners in writing their own emergency operations plans.  

We also respond with the fire departments to fuel spills and chemical incidents to mitigate the spill or leak to protect the public. We have a hazmat trailer and truck loaded with different absorbent materials to help control and contain these incidents. We do bill for these responses. Our fire departments are all volunteer, and rely on donations and fundraising to keep them going. During these incidents, the firefighters are out in all kinds of weather and their apparatus is always running. The billing for the fuel costs, usage of equipment and absorbent usage is to help them and this department recoup some of the costs for being on the calls. This department also writes grants to assist the County in paying for hazmat equipment and salary.