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County And Municipal Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

County And Municipal Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

County Emergency Operations (EOP)

Section 7503(1) of the Emergency Management Services Code (the Code) (35 Pa C.S. Section 7101 et seq.) mandates that "each political subdivision" in the Commonwealth "...prepare, maintain, and keep current" an EOP "...for the prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by disaster."

The County EOP is that document promulgated by the county's elected body, through the passage of a resolution, which describes the hazards, vulnerabilities, emergency management situations and assumptions that affect the county, the concept of operations during an emergency, and the various roles and assignments of the elected officials, EMC, and other emergency response personnel, whether paid or volunteer. The County EOP is consistent with the NIMS* and the Pennsylvania State EOP.

*NIMS - National Incident Management System is a system prescribed by the President and the Federal Department of Homeland Security that standardizes emergency response across the United States. This systems includes standard command, control and coordination structures, standard language and communication protocols, standard training and exercise procedures, and standard terminology for typing and requesting resources. 

Municipal Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The Municipal EOP is similar to that of the County EOP. Both have the same plan format and information required is the same, but the Municipal EOP will be configured for that of the specific township or borough.

All of the 34 Municipalities have their own Municipal EOP except for Abbottstown Borough, Latimore Township and Tyrone Township has adopted the County EOP as their EOP.

The County Basic Plan can be found under Forms and Documents under Emergency Service Main Page.