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Department of Emergency Services Chemical Reporting Information

Department of Emergency Services Chemical Reporting Information

This information was gathered to help you understand the reporting and planning requirements at the federal, state and local levels for hazardous substances. All facilities must report unless the facility is a service station and falls under the thresholds of gasoline and diesel.

All Tier II Forms must be submitted every year prior to March 1st via the website. The database rollover will not occur until January 10th of every year; so do not enter any Tier II information until after that date.

If you are a first time user of the program, you will need to go to: PA Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety/Pennsafe Program

  • Click on the Register Now button.
  • Complete a registration form for a user account.
  • When you submit the registration form, you will need to wait until the System Administrator approves your account and you receive an email that your user account is approved.
  • When you receive this email, you can log into the system.
  • Go to the URL and click the Sign In button.
  • This will prompt you to enter your username and password

For returning users, Adams County is now on the State System instead of being separate, you should already have a user account in the system, just file as you would normally do. After the electronic submission is complete, print a copy for your own records and to submit to other entities that do not accept the online report. The State is requiring all facilities to report their Tier II online. The Adams County Local Emergency Planning Committee would also like you to submit your Tier II online as well.

Tier II Forms are an annual substance inventory requirement AND they must be submitted every year. In addition to filing with Adams County, your company must also submit a Tier II with the State. NO EXCEPTIONS. All Extremely Hazardous Substances must be reported annually, as per Tier II Reporting requirements. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO EHS REPORTING. If your facility did not meet the filing requirements in the previous year, please send my office a letter on company letterhead stating as such by March 1st of that year.

I realize this can be confusing and I can assist you in determining if your facility needs to report or not. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office. I am here to help you.

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) would like to remind all facilities to keep their chemicals in a secure place under lock and key. As a reminder, we can, at any given time, do an on site inspection as per PA ACT 1990-165 to make sure that all our county facilities are in compliance.