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ACVESA is currently comprised of 23-member fire departments within Adams County. The association also has 5 associate members including fire departments outside of Adams County and Advanced Life Support Services (Paramedic Units).

For more information call 855-422-8372

Our Members

The purpose of this Association shall be to establish policy, procedure, and guidelines that would best provide emergency services to the citizens of Adams County and surrounding areas and form a closer bond of fellowship between its members. 

Associate Members

  • Gettysburg Hospital Advanced Life Support - Adams County Medic 28
  • Hanover Hospital Advanced Life Support - York County Medic 46
  • Hanover Fire Department - York County Company 46
  • Penn Township Volunteer Emergency Services - York County Company 49
  • Hillcrest Fire Company #1 - Rockland County, NY Company 6

History of ACVESA

ACVESA was organized in 2000 by a consolidation of the Adams County Volunteer Firefighters Association, Adams County Fire Chiefs Association, and the Adams County Emergency Medical Services Association. The purpose of the consolidation was to eliminate meetings, and prevent repetitious reports and studies, improve the efficiency of the fire service organizations, and provide better service to the citizens of Adams County.

Originally, The Adams County Volunteer Firemen's Association, was organized on April 25, 1992, and had continues under this title until the 1980's. In 1977, the association voted to accept female members, thus making it necessary to change its name to the Adams County Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Previous to this and in July 27, 1941, the Adams County Fire Chiefs Association was formed primarily for discussing important issues relating specifically to Fire, Fire Prevention, and Protection, some of which were radioizing the fire apparatus in the county, fire territories, box alarms, mutual aid, and communications. The Adams County Ambulance Association was formed on October 7, 1963 in order to discuss emergency medical issues relating to the service. As time passed by it was advisable to change the name or the organization to the Adams County Emergency Medical Service. In 1987 The Adams County Fire Police Association incorporated and joined the Pennsylvania State Fire Police Association.

These organizations flourished over the years and provided ample service to Adams County, but the same representatives attended duplicate meetings. After discussions at several quarterly meetings and conventions, a committee was formed to study the feasibility of consolidating these numerous services into one unit. After several years of negotiations and monthly meetings of the consolidation committee, by-laws were established and the suggested name of Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association was adopted on October 5, 2000. Although the firefighters, the Fire Chiefs, and the EMS associations voted in favor of the consolidation, the Fire Police Association voted to remain alone and did not join the consolidation.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.