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Outreach and Education

Outreach and Education

The Adams County Conservation District provides many educational and outreach opportunities throughout the County to residents of all ages, as well as educators and local elected officials. More information is provided below. 

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The Envirothon is an environmental education program made available to Pennsylvania conservation districts in partnership with related state and federal agencies and other organizations. The Envirothon program is designed to test high school and middle school students' knowledge of Pennsylvania natural resources and environmental sciences. The program emphasizes the importance of environmental sensitivity while stressing a need to achieve a social, ecological, and economic balance. The Pennsylvania Envirothon provides future generations with the ability to be better equipped to address the complex natural resource concerns facing today's world as well as the challenges of tomorrow. 

The Envirothon program in Pennsylvania began as the Envir-Olympics in 1979, with three counties holding competitions. In 1984, the first state competition was held with six counties participating. By 1988 the event had grown to include thirty-eight teams and the program was officially changed to Envirothon. Pennsylvania also planned, hosted, and won the first National Envirothon. Today, over 8,000 students participate each year and the program has grown to include nearly every conservation district in the state. 

For additional information, check out the official Pennsylvania Envirothon Website

Mildred Musselman Environmental Education Scholarship

The Adams County Conservation District’s (District) annual scholarship program was renamed the Mildred Musselman Environmental Education Scholarship (MMEE Scholarship) to memorialize Mildred Musselman, a former Adams County Conservation District employee. Mildred was dedicated to protecting natural resources, raising conservation awareness, and increasing environmental education in Adams County. 

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The MMEE Scholarship may award up to $500 per year to students interested in attending an eligible environmental education program. To be eligible, the student must be currently enrolled or entering grades 9-12 and live in Adams County, PA. The maximum reimbursement per student is $250 per year and must be approved by the District Board of Directors (Board) prior to attending the eligible program.

Eligible Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Future Farmers of America - National Convention
  • Goddard Leadership Legacy Institute
  • Rivers Conservation and Fly-Fishing Camp
  • Penn State Conservation Leadership School

How to Apply

Students desiring to apply to this scholarship must complete the MMEE Scholarship application. Applications received will be considered by the District Board at their following monthly Board meeting. The applicant will be notified of the District’s decision within one week following the monthly Board meeting. 

Additional Requirements for Reimbursement:

  • Proof of payment of the program registration fee must be provided in an amount that is equal to or exceeds the amount requested.
  • Student must attend a monthly District Board meeting to provide a brief presentation highlighting their experiences/what they learned at the program and have their picture taken with the Board Chair. 


Educator Resources

The Install & Educate Program provides teachers in Adams County a fun, interactive, hands-on learning experience for students. This program not only enhances the school property, but also gives the students an opportunity to get their hands dirty, learn about the benefits of trees, and how to properly plant, stake, and tube trees. The best part - they can name their tree and come back the next year to track it’s progress! 

Trout (or Salmon) in the Classroom is a program sponsored by Trout Unlimited and offer students a chance to fish in a classroom setting and release them into a nearby stream. The act of raising and releasing creates a sense of conservation ethics and a connection between caring for the fish and caring for the water. 

Learn More about the Program at Trout Unlimited

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The Pennsylvania Game Commission Urban Wildlife Kit includes furs, skulls, skat, tracks, and a binder containing a key to all the items and facts about these mammals. The skulls include an herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore. The Urban Wildlife Kit is loaned out to local teachers and groups to offer hands-on resources to supplement lesson plans. The kit is stored at the Adams County Conservation District at the Ag Center and may be signed out by local teachers and groups for up to two weeks at a time. 

Urban Wildlife Kit


  • 12 pelts 
  • 5 skulls
  • 8 scat casts
  • 8 track casts
  • teachers’ guide
  • students’ guide
  • wildlife notes
  • inventory guide binder

Image of the Urban Wildlife Kit

The EnviroScape is a 3D model of a watershed used to demonstrate how point and non-point source pollution gets into our waterways. This close-up hands-on activity works best with small groups and is a great way to introduce students to water quality and pollution concepts they can find in their own communities. The EnviroScape is stored at the Adams County Conservation District at the Ag Center and may be signed out by local teachers and groups for up to two weeks at a time. 

EnviroScape User Guide

Image of the ErviroScape

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