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Who Can Perform a Marriage Ceremony?

Who Can Perform a Marriage Ceremony?

Pennsylvania law requires officiates to be ordained by a "regularly established church or congregation".

Applicants are advised that persons who have been ordained over the Internet may not be persons permitted to perform marriages in Pennsylvania. A recent Court decision held that persons ordained over the Internet are not ministers as defined in the marriage law of Pennsylvania IF they do not regularly preach to a congregation that regularly meets at a place of worship.  You are advised to consult an attorney concerning the legality of such marriages. 
This office will NOT determine what is/is not a church and/or congregation.  The Clerk of Courts Office does not provide a list of people who can perform marriage ceremonies.  

Please be advised if you choose to be married by someone other than the officiates specifically listed and authorized by PA law, the burden of proof regarding legality (or lack thereof) of your marriage will be upon you - should future issues arise that require a determination of the marriage validity.  

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