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Inmate Video Conferencing - Marriage License

Inmate Video Conferencing - Marriage License

Marriage License Examination Video Conferencing

As of September 2011, the Court established a policy for video conferencing in connection with an application for a marriage license.

The Courts requires at least one of the applicants be a resident of Adams County. Applicants shall follow the follow:

  • Submit a written request with the Court for the use of a video conference during the examination process. 
  • The written request must include the name and residential address of each applicant; if either applicant was previously married, a certified copy of the divorce or death certificate; inmates place of incarceration; photographic identification of the applicants; if inmate is incarcerated in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, the name and telephone number of the inmate's prison counselor and the date when the couple received pre-marital counseling under Department policy; the inmates expected date of release.  (Video conferencing will NOT be permitted if the incarcerated applicant's expected release date is within six months or less.)
  • Videoconferencing fee - Must be paid at the time of written request and are non-refundable unless the Court rejects the request.
  • If Court approves videoconferencing usage, notice shall be provided by the Court.
  • Court Administration will make proper arrangements and notify Clerk of Courts, applicants, prison
  • Applicants are requested to complete online marriage application
  • Non-incarcerated applicant shall appear 15 minutes prior to videoconferencing to pay for marriage application.
  • Non-incarcerated applicant shall participate in the examination at the same time as incarcerated applicant.
  • Videoconferencing will not be approved unless there is compliance with rules, regulations or policies of the applicable prison or correctional institution.


  • Petition Requesting Approval for Video Conference for Marriage Application is $60.00 (non-refundable).
  • Video Conference Adams County Prison is $25.00.
  • Video Conference Dept. of Corrections is $100.00.
  • *Fee does not include marriage application fee.