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Clerk of Courts and Orphans' Court News

Clerk of Courts and Orphans' Court News

Having trouble locating your case on the UJS Web Portal when making a payment?  Act 83 of 2020 known as Clean Slate may be the reason why.  Portions of the act took effect on October 15, 2021 which removed cases from the web portal that involved limited access offenses and/or cases.  To continue making payments, please use www.allpaid.com using Pay Location Code (PLC) #a001z3.  Recurring payments are also available using AllPaid.  

House Bill 440 of 2020

Role of the Courts

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recognized the importance of having a basic understanding how government works in order to be active participants in society so they created the Commission on Judicial Independence in 2005.  Learn about why Judicial Independence matters, our branches of government, how the Courts work, how Judges are selected, and our Court System by clicking the link below. 


Highlights Reports

The purpose of the Highlights Report is to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the filings and pending inventories of the courts.  The year-to-date report summarizes caseload statistics as they are received by the judicial districts each month; accordingly, the figures are preliminary and subject to change, but are accurate representations of the direction and magnitude of changes in case flow.