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Driver's License

Driver's License

PENNDOT Requirements For Turning In Driver's License 

The following is a list of requirements for submitting your driver's license to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

  • Submit ALL VALID Pennsylvania Driver's Licenses including duplicates, camera cards, and address changes. PennDot will not accept a license that has expired.
  • Submit ALL VALID permits including motorcycle permits.
  • Do NOT submit an out-of-state license. You must complete form DL-16C from PennDot.
  • If you never have had a drivers license or lost your license, you would need to complete the DL-16C form. 

NOTE: Your suspension WILL NOT START until you hand in all licenses listed above.   

How Do I Know If The CLERK OF COURTS Reported My Sentence To PENNDOT? 

Go to Unified Judicial System website and search your Court of Common Pleas case. Look towards end of docket sheets to see a docket entry indicating "DL was prepared" and "DL sent to PennDot". The DL was prepared docket indicates the Clerk of Courts prepared the report. Once the document is submitted to PennDot, which occurs electronically nightly, you will see a "DL sent to PennDot" docket entry. Contact the Department of Probation Services to determine if the proper paperwork has been prepared. You must call PennDot with questions relating to your suspension. It can take several days before they are able to assist you appropriately.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

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