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Bail Bondsman And Surety Co.

Bail Bondsman And Surety Co.

Bail Bondsman must be licensed by the Insurance Department of the Commonwealth of PA as a insurance producer and be currently registered in the County they are doing business. 42 Pa CSA 5741 - 5750

Effective October 30, 2015 with Act 16 of 2015 - A bondsman shall only be authorized to conduct business in a County when the Bail Bondsman provides all of the following documents to the Clerk of Courts Office.

1. A copy of the license issued to the bail bondsman by the Insurance Department of the Commonwealth.
2. A statement identifying an office address for service of legal process.
3. A qualifying power of attorney issued by an insurer authorizing the bail bondsman as a producer on behalf of the insurer.  The qualifying power of attorney must set forth, in clear an unambiguous terms, the maximum monetary authority of the bail bondsman per bond.
4. There is a $51.00 filing fee plus a $5.00 automation fee if first time filing. 


1.  Must file the same documentation mentioned above with every renewal of your license or bond.
2. There is a $51.00 filing fee for renewals.

To verify registered Bondsman, review our list of Registered Agents.

Effective September 13, 2018, the Courts discontinued its practice of pre-approving/re-approving bail bondsmen.  Moving forward, the Clerk of Courts office will determine whether or not you are in compliance with the filing requirement described in Title 42 to serve as a bail bondsman. The online list of Registered Agents will provide the status of all agents.

Contact Information:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Bureau of Producer Services
Room 1209 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg PA 17120
Phone: (717) 787-3840
Fax: (717) 787-8553 

List of Agents