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Adams County Bail, Bonds, Detectives & Constable

Adams County Bail, Bonds, Detectives & Constable


Providing service for the Judiciary are required to abide by all provisions of the Unified Judicial System Constable Polices, Procedures and Standards of Conduct, adopted by the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in May 2013, and the 51st Judicial District, Adams County Constable Manual.


The Clerk of Courts Office accepts payment for bail for all criminal cases pending at the Court of Common Pleas. District Courts accept bail for cases pending in their jurisdiction during office hours. After hours and on weekends, bail can be posted for district court cases and the Court of Common Pleas cases at the Adams County Correctional Facility if the defendant is housed there. 

Private Detectives

A licensed private citizen who is authorized by the court to conduct investigations in criminal and civil matters. 

(22 P.S. §11 et seq., “The Private Detective Act of 1953” (current through Act 1992-132)