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Appealing to the Commonwealth Court

Appealing to the Commonwealth Court

You have 30 days from the date of sentence to file a notice of appeal to Appealing to Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court in the Clerk of Courts office.

One original and one copy of the Notice of Appeal along with the Docket Entries shall be filed in the Clerk of Courts office along with the filing fee. A separate check payable to the Commonwealth Court Prothonotary for $90.25 must also be included unless a Petition for In Forma Pauperis has been filed.

Once Commonwealth Court receives the notice of appeal, they will assign their own docket number.

An opinion is filed by the Common Pleas Judge regarding the matter appealed in the Clerk of Courts office. It is docketed and forwarded along with the entire original court record to Commonwealth Court. A decision will then be made in the Commonwealth Court proceeding and the lower court will then be notified.

For appeal forms and status of Commonwealth Court proceedings


Chief Clerk’s Office
Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave, Ste 2100
PO Box 69185

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