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Adams County Adult Correctional Complex Work Release Program

Adams County Adult Correctional Complex Work Release Program

Program Management

The ACACC Work Release Program is administered by ACACC staff. The primary staff involved include two (2) Community Supervision Specialists and the Captain of Community Corrections and Re-Entry Services. The ACACC Business Department is responsible for all financial aspects of the program. Once a participant is approved and accepted into the Work Release Program, they will be assigned to one of the Community Supervision Specialists’ caseloads and they will be responsible for overseeing the employment and treatment component of the program.


The Work Release Program will allow the participant to maintain employment, secure new employment, and assist in the continued support of his/her family while serving the confinement portion of their sentence. It also provides a means to pay restitution, court costs and fines, child support payments, and other debts. The Work Release Program is a privilege and not everyone is appropriate or eligible. 

Work Release Pre-Commitment Packet

Information regarding pre-application for the Work Release Program

Work Release Pre-Commit Application

Failure to follow instructions and complete the application will delay your placement in the Adams County Work Release Program. Please submit your completed application at least two (2) weeks prior to your report date.