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Medical Child Support

Medical Child Support

Per the Pennsylvania State Guidelines the Plaintiff is responsible for the initial $250 per child, per calendar year, of unreimbursed medical expenses. Once this obligation is met the Order of Court will have a breakdown as far as the percentage that each party is responsible for, which will be noted in the Order. Medical expenses do not include cosmetic, chiropractic, psychiatric or psychological services unless specifically directed in the Order of Court. When the initial deductible is met by the Plaintiff he/she will then need to submit the information to the Defendant along with the unreimbursed medical form. This information will need to be sent to the Defendant by both certified and regular mail. If 30 days elapse and the Defendant did not pay the expenses the Plaintiff may then submit the information to Domestic Relations. The Conference Officer will review the information, and if correct, will forward to the Defendant giving him/her 14 days to dispute the expenses. If a dispute is not filed the expenses will be added to the arrears balance. If the bills are disputed a conference will be scheduled or an administrative review will be conducted. The Defendant may also file for any unreimbursed medical expenses should they incur any that exceed the portion they are ordered to pay.

If a case is closing due to spousal/APL support ending or a child emancipating, the parties will have 30 days from the date of the Order to submit any unreimbursed medical expenses for the year that have been acquired during the time the case was active.

Unreimbursed Medical Expense 


Unreimbursed Medical Expense Policy:
Unreimbursed Medical Expense Policy


Unreimbursed Medical Expense Form:
Medical Enforcement Form