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Interstate Child Support Cases

Interstate Child Support Cases

In some instances when a parent does not live locally, the Domestic Relations Office may request the assistance of another state’s court in enforcing or establishing an Order of Court. The laws governing these interstate actions are called the Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act (UIFSA) in which all US states participate.

The most common instance when a case is considered under UIFSA is when a Pennsylvania order exists and the defendant lives out of state and is not in compliance. In this case, Pennsylvania can request that the other state register the existing order and assist in enforcing due to the absent parent residing in their jurisdiction. Out of state child support offices can implement the same enforcement measures and tools as Pennsylvania.

If the plaintiff moves to Pennsylvania and wishes to modify an out of state order they may also seek assistance from the local Pennsylvania child support office. The Pennsylvania office can file the modification on behalf of the plaintiff and act as a contact between the plaintiff and the other state’s court.

Other states may also request that Pennsylvania register cases for enforcement or establishment if they have an existing case and a party moves to Pennsylvania.

If you have an interstate case and are the party residing in another state, please contact your state with any questions or concerns as they handle your portion of the case.