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Existing Child Support Cases

Existing Child Support Cases

Once a support case is established, parties may obtain information on their support case by visiting the Pennsylvania Child Support Website at www.childsupport.state.pa.us. They will need to create an account (if not already a registered user) by setting up a pin number and using their 10-digit member number, which can be obtained from any Domestic Relations staff member.

PAYMENT INFORMATION WILL NOT BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE BY DOMESTIC RELATIONS STAFF!  This information may be found by accessing the SCDU AVR system by calling 1-877-727-7238 or the Adams County IVR system by calling (717) 337-9804.  Two (2) years of payment information is available on the internet at: www.childsupport.state.pa.us.  If printouts of payments paid or received are needed, please access and print this information from this website.

Domestic Relations IS NOT involved in Visitation/Custody.  Self-help information is available in the Law Library at the Adams County Courthouse or on the Adams County website (www.adamscountypa.gov).  A private attorney will be able to provide further information.

Be advised that information on support cases will not be discussed with third parties except for any attorney of record on the case.  Only the plaintiff, defendant and their attorneys will be allowed to attend a support conference.  Domestic Relations personnel will determine if a third party is or is not allowed to accompany the parties at any other meetings about the case.

The plaintiff will have the availability of the District Attorney’s Office in assisting with a child support case. The District Attorney’s Office will be available at Court hearings.  The District Attorney’s office will not attend support conferences.

The Defendant has the right to be represented by an attorney. If a defendant is scheduled for a contempt hearing or an issue of paternity and cannot afford an attorney, they may contact Domestic Relations to complete an Application for Counsel.  The Application for Counsel will be reviewed by the Court to determine if the defendant is eligible for a Court appointed attorney. If the defendant is a minor, the Court will appoint an attorney for the support conferences or hearings.

  • It is both parties' responsibility to notify the Domestic Relations Section and all other parties, within seven (7) days of any material change in circumstances relevant to the level of support or administration of the support order, including, but not limited to, loss or change of income or employment, change of personal address or change of address of any child receiving support.
  • This includes being unemployed, laid off, on strike, off work due to illness or disability, and any other change in employment or employer.