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About Us Criminal Justice Advisory Board

About Us Criminal Justice Advisory Board

The primary purpose of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to achieve consensus on methods to create efficiencies and improve the effectiveness regarding the administration of criminal justice in Adams County. Based on this goal, the CJAB has established the following procedures:

  • Bring together key decision makers on a bi-monthly basis to openly discuss issues that affect the justice system.
  • Identify problems and issues, and proactively address those issues through planning and coordination.
  • Review programming and policies, avoid duplicate spending of criminal justice agencies, improve programming, and initiate innovative programs and policies through working group processes.
  • Facilitate the administration of justice and the provision of services and programs through the Criminal Justice Advisory Board Office.

A Judge of the Court of Common Pleas serves as Chair of the CJAB and a County Commissioner serves as Vice-Chair.  There is a CJAB Coordinator who serves as an ex-officio member of the CJAB.  Other members are selected based on their position in the criminal justice system, county government and dedication to the criminal justice system from within the local community.  Our current CJAB structured membership is as follows:

  • Court of Common Pleas Judge (Chair)
  • County Commissioner (Vice Chair)
  • District Attorney
  • Public Defender
  • Police Chiefs President
  • Sheriff
  • Executive Director of Probation Services
  • Clerk of Court
  • Warden
  • Victim/Witness Director
  • Community Representative
  • Magisterial District Judge
  • PSP Gettysburg Barracks Commander
  • Court Administrator
  • Children and Youth Representative
  • IT Director
  • 911/ Emergency Management Director
  • Executive Director of Domestic Relations
  • York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission Administrator
  • York/Adams MH-IDD Administrator

The CJAB also consists of several associate members who have been identified because of their background, experience and/or interest in criminal justice matters in the County.  These members fully participate in the planning and discussion stages of CJAB ventures and share their thoughts and ideas with the Board.  However, these individuals hold no voting authority on the Board.  Associate or (non-voting members) include representatives from collaborating agencies within the county and local community, such as; Collaborating for Youth, The Children’s Advocacy Center, York/Adams Drug and Alcohol and York/Adams MH-IDD.

The CJAB strategic planning process has become the first step in identifying the central needs of the community and it plays an important role in the efficient operations of the Adams County Criminal Justice Advisory Board.